About Me

Mauro Caprini, BA

Mauro CapriniOver the last 25 years of my working career, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy many different experiences.  Having been involved at a management level for 10 of those years I am quite aware of the importance of being able to relate to people.  Regardless of whether you work in the software industry, construction industry or customer service industry there always remains one constant:  “Working with People”.  The key to the success of any organization is the strength of their people.  I have had the pleasure of working with many different people at all levels and have learned what successful companies and successful people focus on.  

My specialized experience in construction management accounting software within the SME construction environment over the past 13 years along with my 10 years as a controller for a general contracting company (Aquicon Construction) has given me the experience  upon which I can assist clients with software purchase decisions, implementation of construction software, accounting assistance and management expertise.  Specifically, I have worked for 2 of the leading Canadian construction management accounting software providers in Canada (Jonas Software and Maestro Technologies Inc.) over the last 13 years as a support agent, trainer, as well as being a member of their management teams.

Bringing my knowledge to your organization will assist you with any software/accounting/management challenges you might currently be facing.  My mission is to ensure that the client’s goals are met.  This will be achieved with an initial meeting discussing and laying out the correct objectives.  Once the objectives are understood then they will be documented and agreed upon prior to concluding on the terms of engagement.

I look forward to working with you!